Always Evolving is honored to give back to selected charities and create awareness for these great causes through our motorsport programs. Motorsport is in our DNA and it’s our passion. We believe this passion should be shared to create a racing event experiences with kids, veterans and their families that can build lasting memories around Motorsports.

Take a look at our #MakeYourMark campaign that allowed us to share our experience racing in the “Greatest Spectacle In Racing” The Indy 500, with Veterans from the Folds of Honor Foundation.

We are creating a movement. With our motorsports program, We’ve been given the opportunity to see the world through the unique point of view of our customers as they share the moments that matter through their lens. To honor those cherished moments we plan to create an opportunity for them to share in one of our favorite events - the Indy 500. What better way to celebrate that hard work than to leverage it to spread awareness of other people’s causes with our campaign.

What does your mark mean?


Wesley Stevens

My mark means to honor all veterans but especially the ones that where never able to see our beautiful country again for they paid the highest price, brothers sons fathers, sisters daughters mothers, they may have fell but they are never lost or forgotten.


Brian Swason

My mark means taking the time to reflect on those that have served this great nation. Those that made the conscious choice that there is a greater purpose beyond themselves. Those that have made the ultimate sacrifice so that I may serve in the capacity in which I do today. Whether it's while I am placing my flag in its place on the porch in the morning, or attending a memorial parade, I pay my respects to those who have given us the freedoms which we all enjoy daily.


Warren Monlux

For myself, my mark means to honor a time to remember not only the friends I served with, but all of the men and women who've made the ultimate sacrifice for this country and for our freedoms. I would also like to add that I am proud to be a Marine Corps Veteran and honored to have served with some of this country's greatest warriors, GET SOME 3/5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Andrew Vernon

My mark means to me remembering my father, grandfather, and great grandfather and the service they've given to our country. But it isn't just continuing that duty that I think about. I shared with my brothers the hardships, emotions, and feeling of loss when a brother is taken from us. The challenges we faced here and abroad. We all remember these and that is what makes us brothers. That is what I think about on Memorial Day. That I would, in a heartbeat, want to experience those moments again with my brothers.

Our “Make Your Mark” Dedication at Indy 500™ Gives Back to American Veterans that share a VIP Indy 500 experience and leave their thumbprint on an Indy Car at the biggest race in the USA.

The Indy 500™ with the Always Evolving #19 IndyCar team shows its thanks for the men and women defending this nation. The “Make Your Mark” campaign will kick off in Indianapolis by giving a group of veterans a behind-the-scenes experience with an Indy team while leaving their thumbprint (‘mark’) on the #19 Always Evolving IndyCar driven by James Davison.

Always Evolving has partnered with Folds of Honor, an organization that gives back by providing annual educational scholarships to the military families of those who have been killed or disabled while in active duty. A select group of service men and women will be trackside at select racing events, starting with the Indy 500, where they’ll meet the team, driver and get to experience racing like a VIP.

Another partner joining force is well known tactical clothing maker, 5.11® Tactical, which is providing its resources in the veteran community to support the cause.