Who are we

Always Evolving started out as a performance shop with a passion for racing. While racing we learned that the industry was lacking a few products that truly performed on both the track and street. Thus Always Evolving brand products, like our high flowing BMW exhaust systems that are said to have the least amount of drone of any system on the market, were born. As we grew as a company so did our list of the many things we offer. We have become known for our passion filled full car builds ranging from race cars to Rolls Royces. Our car collection has become the heart of our newly found dealership of emerging collectables, exotics, American muscle, and specialty cars. Much like our constantly changing performance cars, we are always evolving.

Visit us every first Saturday of the month from 8 am to 10:30 am for our open house and car meet. We will have complimentary doughnuts and coffee. Please call ahead, meets can be canceled due to weather or race events.

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